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Town & Country Nature Walks™

Explore your neighborhood with an expert field biologist

Meet you at your front door

To get people to take the first steps outdoors sometimes means first meeting them at their doorstep then showing them nature where they live. Town & Country Nature Walks™ are designed to get people of all ages and backgrounds, especially children, outside to explore, understand, and appreciate the "wild" side of their own neighborhoods and inspire interest in visiting natural places further afield. This program is designed to encourage people from all walks of life to gain a deeper understanding of the biodiversity in their own backyard and the importance of having a healthy natural space close to home.

What makes it unique? 

While BRMC and other environmental organizations regularly offer a range of field trips at preserves and other natural places, participants in those outings are largely a small subset of people already comfortable and interested in nature. The reasons for this are many and range from the rational (e.g., I don't have the time or resources to take my kids to a nature center) to the irrational (e.g., I don't want to get bitten by a snake).


BRMC's unique Town & Country Nature Walks will bring the "nature center" to the participants who are unable to travel or who simply do not know where to start. Urban green spaces, which are often overlooked, can offer a unique outdoor experience that can be just as rewarding and enriching as programs on designated outdoor lands. Also, another distinct aspect of our program is the presence of an expert naturalist guiding the walk to help educate guests on a myriad of topics. 

Get Involved with BRMC's Black Plastic

Become an active participant in restoring our native ecosystem 

This 4' x 4' black landscaping fabric sheet is perfect for preparing your lawn for native plantings. By using solarization, you can eliminate weeds and unwanted grasses naturally, creating a clean slate for your native wildflowers, butterfly attractors, or other preferred plants.

Here's how it works:

  1. Attend a Town & Country Nature Walk and uncover all the ecological possibilities right at your front door.

  2. Cover the desired area of your lawn with the black plastic sheet. Secure the edges to ensure tight contact with the soil.

  3. The sun's heat will trap under the plastic, raising the soil temperature. This intense heat effectively smothers existing vegetation and weed seeds.

  4. After 4-6 weeks (depending on sunlight intensity), remove the plastic sheet. The soil will be ready for planting your native seeds that BRMC can provide!

Glimpses of our Nature Walks

For invitations to our next Town & Country Walk, become a member today! 

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