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Research underpins our education program. For 30 years, BRMC has sponsored and assisted numerous baseline studies that add important data to our understanding of the landscape.

These studies have focused on stream/water quality, forest ecology/health, insect surveys including important pollinator populations of butterflies, moths, and beetles, American Chestnut restoration, and the impact of white nose syndrome on bat fauna populations. BRMC partners with organizations to conduct these studies, including Virginia’s Division of Natural Heritage, the Smithsonian Conservation and Biology Institute, and The American Chestnut Foundation.


BRMC sponsors research by raising funds for specific research projects. We facilitate access for researchers to utilize the abundant, protected private land on the mountains. BRMC volunteers and staff provide researchers with assistance to conduct their studies.

Permits are required to utilize the Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve as a research area.

Current Research Studies & Work 


Past Research Studies & Work 

Ruby Meadowhawk, Sympetrum rubicundulum.
Moth & Beetle Survey, 2008
Insect Surveys
Stream Surveys
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