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Bull Run Mountains Conservancy Geocaching Policy

Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF) is the landowner and manager of the Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve (BRMNAP). VOF leases 800 acres of the southern portion of BRMNAP to Bull Run Mountains Conservancy, (BRMC). BRMC provides visitor management services. BRMC and VOF have established the following geocaching guidelines to assure good stewardship of the natural, cultural, and historical resources on the preserve. Geocaches may be placed on the 800-acre public preserve as long as they adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. BEFORE placing a cache, you must notify BRMC to determine the location of the cache.
  2. Caches must be located on our marked trails and accessible by our marked trails. The intent of this and other guidelines is to protect the preserve's natural, cultural, and historical resources. Trails are a disturbance in natural ecosystems. Any additional disturbance by going off trail can increase the dispersal of invasive plants, cause damage to underlying vegetation, and disturb wildlife. From the protection of cultural and natural resources perspective, BRMC and VOF do NOT authorize people to go off trail. Established trails within the preserve are usually sited far enough away from sensitive resources in order to protect them — going off trail encourages users to go into the sensitive resource areas.
  3. Caches must be placed no more than 3 feet from the marked trails.
  4. Caches must be within the 800-acre public access boundary.
  5. Geocaches shall be a minimum of 50 from private property.
  6. The 800-acre preserve can accommodate a limited amount of geocaches to be determined by BRMC and VOF.
  7. The movement of already downed leaves, twigs and pieces of bark to conceal geocaches is allowed. BRMC prohibits the movement of rocks to make a cairn, removing bark from a tree to use as camouflage, and/or relocating a living plant. It is prohibited to excavate soils, cut vegetation, move or remove archaeological or natural objects (including living plants, animals, minerals, fungi, archaeological artifacts or features, etc.).


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